What's the Best Version of "Oh Canada" Ever?

Other Jul 01, 2020

Today is Canada Day, a national holiday which is celebrated in all ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

This official holiday is a day off for most businesses.  To honour and celebrate this day – cities, towns, and villages all across the country would typically hold a wide range of events, many of which will be held outdoors.  Sporting events would normally be filled to capacity.  Most years, there are parades, carnivals, concerts and other festivals.

But 2020 is different is a different year.  This is a most unusual holiday.

Let us all do what we must to stay safe.  But also allow us to revere Canada Day on this memorable July 1st.

In honour of this special occasion and remarkable year, we've posted a question on Facebook:

What's the best version of "Oh Canada" ever?

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Or, check out some of the top ten picks from readers (listed in no particular order):

Sarah McLachlan (2014)

Nearly a decade later, they're still talking about this one....

Mark Donnelly (2011)

Another Canadian, who went country....

Shania Twain (1996)

This version gave me a Rush....

Geddy Lee (1993)

Alanis Morrisette (2007)

The Tenors (2019)

Celine Dion (1992)

We can't forget the Grande Dame in the year of the Habs....

Ginette Reno (2014)

Sometimes, it's not the performer, but the facial expression and the love....

Carol Huynh (2008)

And now, maybe the best of all time....

Edmonton Oilers Fans (2006)

We're not entirely serious all the time here at pointspreads.ca.  

For a slightly different twist on the anthem, from the classic television improv show from the 1980s, SCTV:

Special thanks to:  Chuck Breuninger- Rick Charles; Shyla Weaver; Tony Roberts; Mark Exinger; Arthur Reber; and all those who participated.

Encore!  Encore!  After finishing this article, a few more late discoveries were made:

Contributed by Tim Plester:

The best rendition of Oh Canada was sung by every Canadian,in every City and every Small Town,in their Homes,in every Bar and at their Workplaces,after the 2010 Olympic gold medal Hockey game in Vancouver..Winning the Gold at home,in Overtime,against the USA, was Special..It brought the Country together,like no other time..not a dry eye in the Country.

And finally, perhaps the worst, contributed by Brian Kenealy:


Photo Credit:  National Post