What's Your Most Exciting Sports Win and Most Painful Loss?

Other Dec 18, 2021

Here's something totally different.

This one should be fun, especially if you're a sports fan and/or sports gambler.

A two-parter:

1.  What sporting event/result brought you the most JOY?

2.  What sporting event/result brought you the most PAIN?

This is pretty simple.  You may define "joy" and "pain" any way you wish.  

Perhaps it's something related to your favorite sports team, or favorite player.  Maybe it's connected to a gambling loss.  I suppose it can also be personal, that is, if you played sports or you had family members who were involved.  Let's allow the widest possible latitude for the purposes of discussion.

I'll go first, because my two choices are easy:

1.  Most Joy-----Probably the 1980 USA Olympic ice hockey upset of the Soviet Union.  I wouldn't feel this way today given all the jingoism, but back then the entire nation erupted into a frenzy.  Although it was the semi-finals, the USA-USSR game was really the highlight of the games, and for many the most memorable sporting event ever.  Forty years later, I can still hear the echoes of Al Michael's voice, "Do you believe in miracles.......yes!"
2.  Most Pain-----It doesn't get any lower than losing $39,000 on a football game.  I suffered my biggest loss ever in the Super Bowl when the NY Giants upset the previously undefeated New England Patriots.  To this day, when the NFL Network does the replay and highlights of that game, I start heaving and change the channel.  I've never re-watched any part of that game.  It was my sports betting Vietnam.  PTSD.

Okay, so now it's your turn.  We love stories, bad beats, moments of jubilation!

Yes, stories--that always makes the reading more fun. Ready, set, go!

NOTE:  This question was originally posted at FACEBOOK HERE on 18 December, which includes a lively discussion.


Photo Caption:  Man o' War loses the only race of his illustrious career (20 wins, 1 second) when he was beat to the wire by "Upset."  Yes, that really was the name of the horse.