Take a Guess Which College Basketball Team Canada is Rooting For?

Oh-Canada Mar 21, 2022

March Madness is down to the sixteen teams.  The "Sweet Sixteen" round now begins.

As expected, various regions of the United States each have a rooting interest in the college basketball championship.  Naturally, these allegiances correspond to where the university and team is located.  However, there are some surprises. Here's a look at the approximate rooting loyalties based on geography:

Last year, we posted a similar question about Canadians cheering for American sports teams.  We asked:

What's the Most Popular NFL Team in Canada? (READ HERE)

The answers were the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings.  However, I think if this was updated, the Buffalo Bills might be the most popular team.  And don't disregard the Green Bay Packers, either.

But what about college basketball, which is a much shorter time frame?  Which teams in the Sweet 16 are favoured by Canadians?

Purely a guess here, but Gonzaga (based in Spokane, Washington) wins this hands down.  Michigan (in Ann Arbor, Michigan) might also get a few votes.  At least let's agree on one thing:  Everybody hates Duke (that's a joke).

The real answer to the question – "Which College Basketball Team Canada is Rooting For?" – is easy.

It's whatever team we bet on, silly!

If you're money is on Miami, that's your team!

If you're money is on UCLA, that's your team!

Money talks.

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Just win, baby.