Who's the NFL's Worst Team

NFL Nov 02, 2021

At least five NFL teams are so so bad, they're painful to watch.  They're even more painful to watch if you're betting on them each week.

What follows is a breakdown of the NFL's worst teams, along with their rankings and thoughts as to why they stink.

The bottom five:

Washington Football Team

A few seasons ago, Washington changed their team name because the old name, "Redskins" was deemed to be offensive.  However, what's even more offensive is calling this a "football team." Head coach Ron Rivera deserves better.  The defense is trash.  The offense might be as bad as any team in football.  

Win-Loss Record – 2-6

Offensive Ranking – 23rd

Defensive Ranking – 19th

Record Against-the-Spread – 1-7

Key Stat – Washington is on a 4-game losing streak

New York Jets

A week ago, many observers thought the Jets were the NFL's worst team.  Certainly, when New York plays really bad, they look awful.  At the same time, this team was expected to be underdogs  in virtually every game this year, yet is showing the occasional sign of progress.  Beating Cincinnati and Tennessee outright must count for something.  At 2-5, the NY Jets might be a team that's undervalued.  Let's see how they fare the next few weeks.

Win-Loss Record – 2-5

Offensive Ranking – 32nd

Defensive Ranking – 20th

Record Against-the-Spread – 2-5

Key Stat – Jets have surrendered 24+ in six straight games

Miami Dolphins

What the happened to the Miami Dolphins?  They were 10-6 last year.  Now, they're 1-7.  There's no excuse for how badly them team has performed on both sides of the ball.  Miami is the NFL's most disappointing team in 2021.

Win-Loss Record – 1-7

Offensive Ranking – 26th

Defensive Ranking – 6th (in points allowed), 29th (in yards allowed)

Record Against-the-Spread – 2-5-1

Key Stat – After a lackluster opening-day win in September, Miami is on a 7-game losing streak

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are exactly who we thought they were – garbage.  Consider what happened in Week 8:  With two weeks to prepare for their next opponent coming off a bye, Geno Smith and the Seahawks who were off a short week, the gutless Jaguars failed to show up.  Jacksonville fell behind 17-0 at the half and lost by 24 points.  Top draft pick QB Trevor Lawrence, who was so highly touted heading into the season, has been a bust.  Urban Oscar Meyer might not survive until the end of the season.

Win-Loss Record – 1-6

Offensive Ranking – 29th

Defensive Ranking – 18th

Record Against-the-Spread – 2-5

Key Stat – Jacksonville is giving up 30 PPG

Detroit Lions

Even though Detroit is winless, at least the Lions have been competitive in multiple games this season.  They nearly beat the Ravens and the Rams.  That counts for something.  So, we'll make the 0-8 Lions as the NFL's second worst team even though it's possible they could go winless this season (0-17).

Win-Loss Record – 0-8

Offensive Ranking – 21st

Defensive Ranking – 27th

Record Against-the-Spread – 4-4

Key Stat – Woeful Detroit has been held to less than 20 points in 7 straight games

Houston Texans

The Texans have been double-digit underdogs in 5 of their 8 games, so they have been a decent ATS bet, going 4-4 for their backers.  However, this team stinks. Much of their yardage and scoring has come in "garbage time."  Houston has been held under 10 points in half their games.

Win-Loss Record – 1-7

Offensive Ranking – 31st

Defensive Ranking – 26th

Record Against-the-Spread – 4-4

Key Stat – After beating Jacksonville in its first game, Houston is on a 7-game losing streak