Who is the NFL's Worst Coach? No, It's Not Adam Gase. Here's My Pick

NFL Dec 18, 2020

There are 32 NFL head coaches.  Who among them is the worst?  The answer might not be as obvious as you think.

Believe it or not, there's a worse NFL coach than Adam Gase of the winless and hapless New York Jets.  

His name is Anthony Lynn and he was on full display last night.  He is the worst head coach in the NFL.

Lynn's Chargers beat the undermanned Raiders, 30-27 in overtime on Thursday night.  Those who had the underdog Chargers and the Over were winners.  But at what price to your health?

Brilliant rookie quarterback Justin Herbert could pass at will against a decimated Raiders secondary, which was missing three starters and with a defensive game plan to fully commit against the run.  Yet the Chargers still ran an astounding 29 times – averaging a meager 3.3 yards per carry.  Rarely, if ever, did they pass on first down.

It was maddening to watch if you had the Chargers, or the Over....like I did.

Lynn's strategy seems to do the opposite of what is smart:  

-- If you have a cold kicker, then play for a field goal.  

-- If you have a hot QB then run the ball.

-- If your ground game is going well then throw the ball.

I've never seen a coach make so many in-game mistakes and have less of a feel for what is going on than Anthony Lynn.  If there's a lead to be blown, count on Lynn to either play too conservative, or just make costly bizarre decisions.

Unlike Gase's Jets, the Chargers have an abundance of talent with QB Herbert, assorted skill position weapons, and talented defensive players headed by Joey Bosa.  Yet they are 5-9.  The Chargers' victories have been against the Bengals, Jaguars, Jets, Falcons and Raiders.  Those five teams are a combined 14-51.  The Chargers' combined victory margin against those woeful foes is 25 points, an average of five points per win.  Yuck.

If Chargers management is too clueless to realize Lynn is clueless (and they might indeed by that clueless), then the league needs to step in and mandate that no Chargers games are nationally televised anymore while Lynn remains the coach.

Or, at the very least, put in a disclaimer like they do with cigarettes saying watching the Chargers can cause severe health issues.

The author, Stephen Nover, has been a winning professional sports handicapper for more than 20 years.  Contact Stephen at:  scriber26@gmail.com

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