Who Will Be Crowned "King of the Rink?"

Other Aug 05, 2022

Ice Wars – It's Prize Fighting on Ice!

Enforcers get ready to brawl for the title "King of the Rink" in Ice Wars II this Saturday Night.

Ice Wars is all set to return to the River Cree Resort & Casino on Saturday, August 6th with ICE WARS II.

All fights will be streamed worldwide on PPV via FITE.  [CLICK HERE]

All fights will also be available for wagering via SPREADS.CA.  [CLICK HERE]

What is Ice Wars II?

No one knew what to expect when Ice Wars International promoted their first event at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, Alberta, which was held in May.

In fact, the newest combat sport raised some eyebrows and triggered controversy when their inaugural "King of The Rin"' tournament saw eight heavyweights fights within a single night of action.  The single elimination tournament included bouts consisting of 2 one-minute rounds.

"Diamond Hands" Daniel Amesbury become the first-ever Ice Wars International Heavyweight "King of The Rink."  Social media went viral on Twitter and Instagram with thousands of posts and over one million views,

Sparked by success, this redux of Ice Wars fighting will be streamed in over 175 countries.  Based in Canada, Spreads.ca will be the only sports betting website in the world to both post odds and take bets on Ice Wars II.

Here's a look at the brackets and odds heading into Saturday night's action-packed fight card:


Ice Wars II – Predictions

It's tough to make predictions on a sport that's so new, with lots of unknown factors. There's little history to reply on, no records, nor statistics that could be useful in picking winners or forecasting how these matches will go.

That said, there's probably some value to taking underdogs across the board.  With so little known about the fighters or the new sport, since we are getting plus-money on uncertainty, that seems to be the wisest play.

For those who want to know more about the fighters and hear some predictions from the Hockey Podcast Network hosted by Darren, a lifelong hockey fan, check out this podcast.  [CLICK HERE]