Who Will Win the NHL Hart Trophy?

NHL Oct 04, 2022

The Hart Memorial Trophy, originally known as the Hart Trophy, is the annual award for the most valuable player in the National Hockey League, as voted by the members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association.

The NHL regular season opens this coming weekend.

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The Hart Memorial Trophy goes to the most valuable player, as voted by the members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association.

It's probably no surprise Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews are the duel big favourites to win the Hart in 2023. In fact, the last three winners are all the top-3 betting choices (at Spreads.ca) to achieve another repeat win.

In 2022, Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs) won it -- he's now listed at 3.50 odds.

In 2021, Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers) won it -- he's now listed at 5.00 odds.

In 2020, Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers) won it -- he's now listed at 9.00 odds.

If you bet on McDavid to win the Hart, this is a sight you want to see many times in 2022-23!

This should be quite a close and competitive battle once again.

Be sure to get your futures bets down before the season opener on Fri., Oct. 7th.

The full odds (under 100-1 odds):

Prediction (powered by Pointspreads.ca):

Winning the Hart requires staying healthy and playing a full schedule of games. That gives some advantages to youth.

The youngest winner over the last 10 years was Connor McDavid, who was only 20 when he first won the Hart in 2017. Then, McDavid won his second Hart in 2021.

Auston Matthews, last year's Hart winner, deserves to be favoured again based on a stellar season.

However, the best betting value could be with Matthews which pays a bit more.

For those who seek a bigger payout, Nathan McKinnon will be in the conversation as long as Colorado stays atop the NHL, so his odds at 11.00 (betting $100 to get back $1,100) certainly looks tempting, as well.