Will the Los Angeles Dodgers Keep Crushing the Runline?

MLB Aug 14, 2022

The Los Angeles Dodgers own the best record in Major League Baseball.  But they're not just winning games, they're often winning big – which means crushing the runline.  Of their 79 wins, 71 have been by 2 runs more more.

Dodgers have won 12 straight games – all by 2+ runs.  

It's no surprise the multi-talented Los Angeles Dodgers field the top record, and perhaps the best team in the majors.  However, typically popular big-favourites like the Dodgers (Yankees, Mets, Astros, etc.) aren't profitable when it comes to wagering – either as moneyline or runline bets.

Well, think again.

The Dodgers are on a different planet, right now.  Maybe even a different galaxy.

The NL West powerhouse is 79-33 at the moment.  They hold a staggering 17-game lead in the division race.  Betting $100 on the Dodgers in every game this season would have netted $1,345 in profit.

These numbers are off the charts.

It's hard to believe, but the Dodgers have been underdogs in just two games this season.  That means, the Dodgers are favourites virtually all the time, and they are laying big numbers.  Yes, they are covering those odds more often than not, but can we keep on betting the Dodgers at -200 and higher and expect to make money in the long run?

The far better alternative appears to be wagering on the Dodgers on the moneyline, which means laying -1.5 runs on the favourites.

Just as incredible as their W-L record, the best team in the west is destroying the sportsbook by winning big so often.  This includes a current 12-game win streak – all by 2+ runs.

Consider this tweet, which quotes stats from Wagertalk:

Accordingly, we will bet the Dodgers so long as they are a reasonable price on the moneyline.  It might even be wiser to bet them on the road, since the Dodgers as the visitour are guaranteed to bat 9 innings (they bat just 8 innings at home, if leading in the 9th inning).

We have the Dodgers as our "Bet of the Day."